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Browse our collection of digitized documents at your leisure—outside the library’s regular hours!

Since its beginning, Guampedia has made available e-publications and digitized documents previously accessible only by an actual visit to the University of Guam or the Agana Library.

Guampedia is not only Guam’s online encyclopedia, but it’s also a digital repository of some rare resources about our island, or materials that have limited accessibility to the general public. Guampedia also provides digitization services for certain workshops and conferences related to Guam or Pacific history and makes those summaries or proceedings available on our website. All publications are viewable using a digital publishing platform known as ISSUU and can be opened right on your computer or e-reader.

CAHA Workshops

With hosting the Festival of the Pacific Arts in 2016, the Guam Council on the Arts and Humanities Agency (CAHA) provided workshops for artists and other cultural producers who wanted to participate in the event. The workshops were meant to help FestPac delegates and participants to stay up-to-date with the festival coordinating committee’s plans; to learn the important connections between art and history in the creative process, and to be inspired to create new and interesting works to share in the region’s most significant celebration of indigenous Pacific Island cultural arts. To visit the CAHA Workshops page click here.

2013 Workshops
Cultural Design with History in Mind
Protecting Intellectual Property

2014 FestPac Workshops
Connect Me | Create Me | Promote Me
What is FestPac?
2nd Workshop: Visual Arts Committee
CHamoru Seafaring Lexicon Workshop

2016 Workshops
Chamorro Cultural Values
Jump Start Your Art

MARC e-pubs

Browse through special resources and rare publications found at the Richard F. Taitano Micronesian Area Research Center. Through Guampedia’s affiliation with MARC, these publications, like the Guam Recorder, have been scanned in their original form with some formatting modifications. These publications are available on Guampedia for easy access outside of MARC’s regular hours.

All materials are provided with permission from MARC but still need to be properly cited if used in research papers, publications and presentations.

The Guam Recorder
Guam Recorder (1924 – 1940)
Guam Recorder (1926, July)
Guam Recorder (1926, November)
Guam Recorder (1926, December)
Guam Recorder (1927, January)
Guam Recorder (1927, February)
Guam Recorder (1972, January – March)
Guam Recorder (1972, April – September)
Guam Recorder (1972, October – December)
Guam Recorder (1973, January – March)
Guam Recorder (1973, April – June)
Guam Recorder (1973, July – September)
Guam Recorder (1974)
Guam Recorder (1974)
Guam Recorder (1975, 1st issue)
Guam Recorder (1975, 2nd issue)
Guam Recorder (1976, 1st issue)
Guam Recorder (1977)
Guam Recorder (1978)
Guam Recorder (1979)

Dr. Robert A. Underwood Lecture Series
Thinking Out Loud: Ideas for Crafting a New Federal Territorial Relationship
An Appeal for Recognition of Chamorros as an Indigenous People
The Changing of the Colonial Guard: What do the Guarded Have to Say?
The Liberation of Guam Across the Generations
Unfinished Business: The Meaning of 1898

Other e-Publications
The Organic Act of Guam
Y Santa Biblia Complete Word List
Chamorro Self-Determination: Right of a People
Archaeological Excavations at Non Nok Tha, Thailand
Stonework Heritage in Micronesia Conference, Guam 2007
Spanish Heritage in Micronesia Conference, Guam 2008
1817 Vocabularium der Dialekte Chamori

Marianas History Conference

The Marianas History Conference
1st Marianas History Conference, 2012
2nd Marianas History Conference, 2013
3rd Marianas History Conference ePublication, 2016
3rd Marianas History Conference, 2017
4th Marianas History Conference, 2019

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