The Natural Facts

Guam’s Fish and Wildlife Fact Sheets are in their fourth printing since the original series came out in 2002. The 80 fact sheets contain images and provide text describing the island’s species that live on land and in the ocean surrounding the Marianas.

Each fact sheet names the species or organism in Chamorro and English. Some sheets indicate if the species is introduced to the islands, if it is endangered or if it is an extinct species.The sheets also display numerous photos and/or illustrations showing the species in its natural habitat. The text provides information on the origins, habitat, diet and season for harvesting or hunting.

The original Fish and Wildlife Fact Sheets were created and produced through the Sport Fish and Wildlife Restoration Program, administered by the Division of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources of the Department of Agriculture in collaboration with the Guam Coastal Management Program of the Bureau of Planning. The series shown here is the fourth printing (May 2002) was funded by the Guam Environmental Protection Agency pursuant to the United States Environmental Protection Agency Award # M009063-02 through the Environmental Education Committee of the Water Planning Committee.

All inquiries may be sent to the Division of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources, 192 Dairy Road, Mangilao, Guam 96913. To contact DAWR call (671) 735-3955/6.