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Guampedia, Guam’s Online Encyclopedia, is a community project that highlights the unique CHamoru heritage and history of Guam and the Mariana Islands. Through peer-reviewed entries and accompanying media, Guampedia provides an important educational and informational resource for Guam teachers and schoolchildren, for CHamorus living away from Guam, for visitors to our island, and for those who want a richer understanding of our island and its people. It debuted on 10 April 2008.

Guampedia, Inc. is an independent nonprofit organization established in 2009. The organization is led by a volunteer Board of Directors and a small, but dedicated, staff that maintains the Guampedia website ( and organizes its activities.

The project was created by the Humanities Guåhan in 2002, and funded primarily through grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, Guam Preservation Trust, the Bank of Guam, the US Department of the Interior, Gannett Foundation, Guam Council on the Arts and Humanities Agency and other sources. Content for the website was developed by a slew of professional writers, researchers, cultural specialists and other scholars who provided expertise for putting together information that could be accessed easily by a general audience. The website was launched in April 2008 with the first 350 entries. Currently Guampedia has more than 1,200 entries, 3,500 photographs, numerous video and sound clips and dozens of e-publications. More than 140 people have been a part of this project to date, doing research, writing, peer reviewing, fact checking or copy editing the Guampedia entries and media. New materials are continually being added to the Guampedia database.

Since becoming an independent nonprofit, Guampedia is an affiliate program of the University of Guam’s Richard F. Taitano Micronesian Area Research Center and works in partnership with many other community institutions and organizations, including the Department of CHamoru Affairs, the Guam Museum, the Guam Public Library, the Guam Department of Parks and Recreation’s Division of Historic Resources, the Archdiocese of Agana and Micronesian Seminar.

Guampedia is an ongoing and dynamic project that will be updated and added to regularly as events unfold and technology allows.

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Board of Directors

Anita Borja Enriquez, President
Alice Taijeron, Director
Terry Perez, Director


Managing Director: Rita P. Nauta
Website & Archive Manager: Nathalie Pereda
Media Production and Research Assistant: Lazaro Quinata
Editor Emerita: Shannon J. Murphy

Guampedia Scholars and Advisors

Leo Babauta
Rosanna Barcinas
Bruce Best
Keith Camacho
Karen Cruz
Larry Cunningham
David Defant
Marjorie Driver
Judy Flores
Jayne Flores
Father Eric Forbes
Nicholas Goetzfridt
Anne Perez Hattori
Father Fran Hezel
Roseann Murphy Jones
Jillette Leon Guerrero
Carlos Madrid
Thomas Marler
Cathleen Moore-Linn
Peter Onedera
Rosa Palomo
Clarisa Quan
Anthony Ramirez
Don Rubinstein
Eloise Sanchez
Monique RC Storie
Dominica Tolentino
James Perez Viernes
Aline A. Yamashita