Advisor and Author

P Onedera

Peter R. Onedera earned a master’s degree in Micronesian studies from the University of Guam. He was a professor of CHamoru with the Modern Language Program in the Division of Humanities, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Guam.

Onedera is a literary activist and playwright and has authored poetry, lyrics, short stories, magazine and journal articles. His work focuses on his experiences and knowledge of cultural traditions, customs, social issues, legends, folklore, history and the preservation of the CHamoru language. His novella, Cheffla gi i Manglo, or “whistle in the wind” was published in 2006.

Onedera also founded and organized the CHamoru Language Competition held during the University of Guam’s Charter Day celebration for many years. The competition involves Guam and the Northern Mariana’s elementary, middle and high school public and private school students. The genres for elementary school competition are spelling, drawing, storytelling and children’s choir. The middle school genres are oratorical, poetry recitation, essay, choral reading and chant while the high school genres are oratorical, proficiency, poetry recitation, individual male and female singing, song with dance, and dramatic cultural interpretation.

He has served as a translator, interpreter, workshop presenter, storyteller and lecturer at public events, conferences, court cases, festivals and political forums.

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