Geography of Guam
Ancient Guam’s Environment

Sea (Tasi)

Coral Reef Fish of Guam
Haggan: Green Sea Turtle
Hima: Conserving a Cultural Heritage
Sea Stars, Sea Urchins and Other Echinoderms Of Guam
Seagrasses Overview
Seaweed: Enteromorpha
Seaweed: Gracilaria
Seaweeds Overview
Staghorn Corals on Guam
The Octopus: A Genius Among the Spineless
Tsunami and Earthquake History and Potential for Guam

Land (Tano)

Native Forest Birds of Guam

Bridled White-Eye (Nosa)
Guam Flycatcher (Chuguanguang)
Guam Rail (Ko’ko’)
Mariana Crow (Aga)
Mariana Fruit Dove (Totot)
Mariana Gray Swiftlet (Chachaguak)
Micronesian Honeyeater (Egigi)
Micronesian Kingfisher (Sihek)
Micronesian Megapode (Sasangat)
Micronesian Starling (Sali)
Nightingale Reed-Warbler (Ga’Karisa)
Rufous Fantail (Chichirika/Naabak)
White Throated Ground Dove (Male: Paluman Å’paka’, Female: Paluman Fache’)
Yellow Bittern (Yakkak)

Arachnids of Guam
Brown Treesnake
Fanihi: Mariana Fruit Bat
Guam trees: Ifit
Land Snails (Akaleha’) of the Mariana Islands
Mangroves: The Forest Between Land and Sea
Passion for Pugua


William Safford
Clair Lynn Raulerson, PhD