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  1. Ancient Guam’s Environment
  2. Fish and Wildlife Fact Sheets
  3. Geography of Guam
  4. Tsunami and Earthquake History and Potential for Guam

Sea (Tasi)

  1. Coral Reef Fish of Guam
  2. Coral Reefs in Apra Harbor
  3. Coral Reefs: Essential Ecosystems on Guam
  4. Haggan: Green Sea Turtle
  5. Hima: Conserving a Cultural Heritage
  6. Mangroves: The Forest Between Land and Sea
  7. Sea Stars, Sea Urchins and Other Echinoderms Of Guam
  8. Seagrasses Overview
  9. Seaweed: Enteromorpha
  10. Seaweed: Gracilaria
  11. Seaweeds Overview
  12. Sharks, Rays, Whales and Dolphins of Guam
    1. Hafula’ yan Halu’u: Rays and Sharks in Guam Waters
    2. Bayena: Whales in Guam Waters
    3. Tuninos: Dolphins and Their Cousins in Guam Waters
  13. Staghorn Corals on Guam
  14. The Octopus: A Genius Among the Spineless
  15. Tourism’s Effect on Guam Reefs

Land (Tano)

  1. Arachnids of Guam
  2. Badlands in Southern Guam
  3. Native Forest Birds of Guam
  4. Brown Treesnake
  5. Fanihi: Mariana Fruit Bat
  6. Fungus in Guam’s Forests
  7. Guam Tree: Håyun Lågu
  8. Guam Trees: Ifit
  9. Guam’s Amazing Caves
  10. Guam’s Balate’
  11. Insect Invasion to Guam
  12. Islan Dåno’: Cocos Island
  13. Kava: A Popular Plant of the Pacific
  14. Land Snails (Akaleha’) of the Mariana Islands
  15. Limestone Forests of Guam
  16. Mangroves: The Forest Between Land and Sea
  17. Passion for Pugua
  18. Restoring Guam’s Coral Reefs
  19. Watch Where You Breathe: Radon on Guam


  1. Clair Lynn Raulerson, PhD
  2. Laurie Raymundo, PhD
  3. William Safford