Large animals that are well-known and beloved by the general public are typically referred to as “Charismatic Megafauna.” The term is most commonly used by conservationists to describe animals whose widespread appeal makes them useful for increasing environmental awareness and support.

These animals have gained an elevated social status by a few different means, including representation in the media, folklore, and by our awareness of their intelligence.

Click below to find information on some of the marine charismatic megafauna that live in or visit the beautiful waters surrounding Guam.

By Christy Starsinic, Melissa Gabriel, and Victoria Moscato

About the authors

These authors were beginning graduate students in 2018 taking a course in scientific writing at the University of Guam. This article was assigned to provide the student with practice in communicating science to non-scientists. The student chose the topic  which is related either to their thesis project or work experience. The instructor in the course is Dr. Laurie Raymundo, a UOG Marine Laboratory faculty member.