D Tolentino

Dominica Tolentino was the first Executive Director of the Guam Museum. She was previously the Content Editor for Guampedia, where she helped research and develop content for the Guampedia website.  She holds a BS in biology from Georgetown University and an MA in anthropology and museum training from the George Washington University, both in Washington, DC. Tolentino is also a former East-West Center fellow and completed graduate course work for a doctorate in anthropology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Before joining the staff at Guampedia she worked as a high school biology teacher, a humanities council program officer, and as a university anthropology and history instructor in Honolulu and Guam. Originally from Mongmong, Tolentino enjoys traveling, music, DIY projects and watching Korean dramas.

Guampedia Entries by Dominica Tolentino
Adalbert Zuckschwerdt
Ancient Chamorro Body Modification
Ancient Chamorro Burial Rituals
Ancient Chamorro Cave Art
Ancient Chamorro Cultural Aspects of Fishing
Ancient Chamorro Fishing Tools
Ancient Chamorro Kinship and Land Tenure
Ancient Chamorro Pottery: Early Calcareous Ware
Ancient Chamorro Settlement Patterns
Ancient Chamorro Tool Making
Ancient Chamorro Use of Human Bones
Ancient Chamorro Use of Rice
Angel Leon Guerrero Santos
Artist: Floren Paulino
Artist: Mark Dell’Isola
Artist: Segundo Blas
Bartola Garrido
Bela: Wake or Vigil
Chamorro DNA Studies and the Origin of the Chamorro People
Chamorro Religious Music: Hymnals
Commission on Decolonization
Commission on Self-Determination
Cormoran-Südseefahrer: SMS Cormoran Crew Annual Meetings
Ensalåda: Salad
Gloria Borja Nelson
Governor Ford Quint Elvidge
Governor Richard Barrett Lowe
Governor William “Bill” Daniel
Guam Echo and Guam Eagle
Hasso’: Remembering Guam’s Ancient Heritage Sites
Kek Chokulåti’: Chocolate Cake
Lytico-Bodig on Guam
Mannakhilo’ and Mannakpåpa’
Matao and Acha’ot
Nobena: Novena (Catholic Devotional Prayers)
Pascual Artero y Saez
Physical Anthropology of Ancient Guam and the Mariana Islands
Political Status Commissions
Potu: Tuba Rice Cakes
Rebuilding from the Ashes of War
Richard Flores Taitano
Sgt. Shoichi Yokoi
SMS Cormoran II (Overview)
SMS Cormoran II Memorial
SMS Cormoran II: Non-German Crew Members
Social Classes in Traditional Chamorro Society
Steamboat Round
Tamales Gisu: Red and White Tamales
Techa: Traditional Prayer Leader
Tsunami and Earthquake History and Potential for Guam
Women in Guam History Overview

Guampedia Entries Co-authored by Dominica Tolentino
Ancient Chamorro Food and Diet
Artist: Clotilde “Ding” Castro Gould
Artist: Flora Baza Quan
Artist: Manny Crisostomo
Governor Manuel F.L. Guerrero
Guam Museum
SMS Cormoran II: Local Stories