D Tolentino

Dominica Tolentino was the first Executive Director of the Guam Museum. She was previously the Content Editor for Guampedia, where she helped research and develop content for the Guampedia website.  She holds a BS in biology from Georgetown University and an MA in anthropology and museum training from the George Washington University, both in Washington, DC. Tolentino is also a former East-West Center fellow and completed graduate course work for a doctorate in anthropology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Before joining the staff at Guampedia she worked as a high school biology teacher, a humanities council program officer, and as a university anthropology and history instructor in Honolulu and Guam. Originally from Mongmong, Tolentino enjoys traveling, music, DIY projects and watching Korean dramas.

Guampedia entries by Dominica Tolentino

Guampedia entries co-authored by Dominica Tolentino