D Farrell

Historian, teacher, author

Don A. Farrell came to Guam from California as a teacher in 1977. He taught at Inalåhan Junior High and John F. Kennedy High School.

Three years later, in 1980, he switched careers to become a public relations officer for the Guam Legislature. He was the chief of staff to the Speaker of the Guam Legislature, Carl Gutierrez, from 1982 to 1986.

In 1980 he founded Micronesian Productions and began publishing books. His books are:

  • Liberation 1944: The Pictorial History of Guam, 1984
  • The Americanization of Guam: 1898-1919, 1986
  • Tinian: A Brief History, 1988
  • The Sacrifice of Guam: 1919-1943, 1991
  • The History of the Northern Mariana Islands, 1991
  • Saipan: A Brief History, 1992
  • Guam: A Brief History, 1994
  • Rota: A Brief History, 2003

He also recently published a textbook on Marianas History from ancient times through the Spanish era and is currently working on another book, “The Tinian Atomic Bomb Files: Declassified.”

Farrell moved to Tinian in 1987 where he continues to do historical research, write and teach.

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