Rubric Chair

Ancient Guam

D Defant

David G. DeFant earned a BA in political science and history from Northern Michigan University, a master’s in anthropology with an emphasis in archeology from Western Michigan University and completed class work for a PhD in archaeology at Southern Illinois University.

He has more than thirty years experience in archaeology, nineteen of which have been spent working in Micronesia. DeFant currently serves as senior archaeologist and Guam projects manager for Paul H. Rosendahl PhD, Inc. Prior to taking this position in 1995, he served as chief archaeologist for the historic preservation programs in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands, the Republic of Palau, and American Samoa.

In addition to his work in Micronesia, his experience includes conducting archeological investigations in the midwestern United States, Diego Garcia (Indian Ocean) and Okinawa Japan. DeFant has authored or co-authored more than fifty technical reports, as well as, numerous papers and non-technical articles.