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N Pereda

Nathalie Pereda earned a BFA in material studies with an emphasis on metal and wood design from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia awarded in 2006.

Pereda has been a metal artist since 2004 and her work mainly consists of small to medium scale sculptures and jewelry. She creates ifil wood jewelry for sale and exhibition at Guinahan Chamoru shop. She is the first female student with an apprenticeship under Joaquin “Tun Jack” Lujan, Guam’s master blacksmith and recipient of the prestigious National Heritage Fellowship Award. Pereda continues to learn traditional metal working techniques in order to make the tools that were once necessary for hunting and survival on Guam’s early farms.

Pereda is also a volunteer for Inadahen Lina’la Kotturan Chamoru, Inc., a non-profit organization which aims to preserve and promote the Chamorro culture and is working to build a cultural center for local artists, craftsmen and serujanos/serujanas (traditional Chamorro healers).

Pereda has served with Guampedia since January 2007.

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