Advisor and Author

R Barcinas

Rosanna Perez Barcinas is a locally grown product of Josefina Perez and Joseph Torres Barcinas. Born and raised in Guam, Rosanna obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Urban Affairs and Public Development from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio in 1990.  After returning to Guam, Rosanna briefly worked for the planning and engineering firm of Duenas and Swavely in 1991 before moving to Department of Commerce to be the Construction Planner for the Hagåtña Chamorro Village.  Upon completion of the Village, Rosanna was hired as a consultant for the Guam Preservation Trust in November 1994. She was the Trust Senior Program Officer for 18 years, and was involved in restoring more than sixteen historic structures around the island from Hagåtña to Malesso’ (Merizo).

Other than these structures, Rosanna has been involved in managing other preservation related projects, such as archeological studies, field schools, video documentaries and most notably Guampedia. She has been involved with Guampedia since its planning phase and managed grants from the Trust that brought Guampedia to its launch, with the development of all entries related to history, language and culture. Rosanna is an ardent supporter of Guampedia and continues to assist in the development of additional entries currently funded by the Guam Preservation Trust.

Guampedia entry by Rosanna P. Barcinas