Cover Story: Science and Things

Second Series: Volume 3, Number 2
Cover Photo by Clayton H. Carlson and Dr. Patty Jo Hoff

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Table of Contents

1. The Guam Experiment: Beginning of a New Day? by Roland W. Force
2. Some Unshelled Shells of Guam, by Clayton H. Carlson and Patty Jo Hoff
3. An Introduction to the Study of Philippines – Marianas Relations, by Domingo Abella
4. Life of the Chamorros in the Marianas, by Alexander Spoehr
5. Legends of Guam
6. The Heart of Guam: Dulce Nombre de Maria, by Paul Carano
7. Needed Local Control of Public Education, by Richard G. Tennessen
8. Guam’s Sea Communications, by G. Geiyer Anderson
9. Interscholastic Athletics in Guam, by Rene C. Mahone
10. The Art of Amot, by Victoria Leon Guerrero
11. Guam is Changing, by E. H. Bryan, Jr.
12. The Narra Tree, by Jose S. Estrada
13. Saturday Painting, by Sheryl Wills
14. Some Historic Figures in the Marianas During the 17th Century, by Domingo Abella