Cover Story: Noche Buena Yan Felice Pascua

Second Series: Volume 2, Number 4
Cover photo by Victor Obermeier

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Table of Contents

1. Christmas on Guam, by Agueda I. Johnston
2. Ancient Chamorro Leaders, by Paul Carano
3. Island Legends, by Lila L. Freeman
4. Memoirs of Felipe De La Corte, by Felipe De La Corte
5. Guam’s Role in the Whaling Industry, by Richard G. Doty
6. A Plea for Better Health Conditions, by Ramon M. Sablan
7. Island Personality, by Emilie G. Johnston
8. Destruction of SMS “Cormoran”, by Owen Bartlett
9. Development of Representative Self-Government in Guam, by Paul Carano
10. Inhabitants in Debt, by N.E. Disbrow
11. Guam: Paradox of a Paradise, by Pedro C. Sanchez
12. Economic History of Guam, by Jesus S. L. Guerrero
13. Cultural Developments in Guam, by Paul Carano
14. Political Developments Since the Organic Act, by Alex C. Flores
15. Chronic Shortage of Skilled Labor in Guam, by Paul Carano
16. Sailors Beware!, by Francis X. Hezel, SJ
17. Power Plants and the Environment, by James A. Marsh, Jr.