Magazine on Guam and Micronesia. Published by the Richard F. Taitano Micronesian Area Research Center (MARC), University of Guam, Hagatna, Guam 1972. The magazine focuses on European explorers and influences.

Cover story: Liberation Body and Soul

Second Series: Volume 2, Issues 2 and 3

Table of Contents

Cover photo: Jim Haas

  1. Liberation of Guam, by Paul Carano.
  2. Surrender of Guam, by George J. McMillin.
  3. Diary of a Bishop, by Miguel Angel de Olano.
  4. San Vitores – An Introduction, by Paul Carano.
  5. Mariana de Austria, by Marjorie G. Driver.
  6. Guam – Spanish Overseas Empire, by M. Teresa del Valle, MMB.
  7. A Man Determined, by Thomas B. McGrath, SJ.
  8. Companions of San Vitores, by Felicia Plaza, MMB.
  9. The Proas of the Marianas, by Thomas G. McGrath, SJ.
  10. The Manila Galleons, by Richard G. Doty.
  11. Chamorro Tools, by Emilie G. Johnston.
  12. Martyrdom of San Vitores, by Paul Carano.
  13. Chamorro Words and Expressions, by Pale Roman M. de Vera, OFM Cap.
  14. Island Legends, by Lila L. Freeman.
  15. Fort Santa Agueda, by Paul Carano.
  16. Early Church Census, by WC Repetti, SJ.
  17. Money of Palau, by Margaret K. Stumpf.
  18. Effects of Beetlenut Chewing, by Ralph S. Hornung, MD.
  19. Crown of Thorns Starfish, by Daniel P. Cheney.
  20. Guam’s Economic Growth, by Pedro C. Sanchez.
  21. Bilingual Education for Guam, by Anthony Kallingal.
  22. Old Building Demolished