Cover Story: General Orders Pattern for Naval Government

Second Series: Volume 4, Number 3
Cover Photo Island navigator by Dave Robinson, University of Guam

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Table of Contents

1. Guam Scenic Route, by Paul Carano
2. Spanish Dikes in the Agana Swamp, by Emilie G. Johnston
3. Tinian, The History of an Island, by Robert Graham
4. The Fosino, Author Unknown
5. Extracts from Catalogue of Earthquakes Felt in Guam 1825 – 1939, by W.C. Repetti
6. British Privateers Visit Guam, by Paul Carano
7. Those Were the Days, by Paul Carano
8. Dumont D’Urville on Truk, by Francis X. Hezel
9. Spanish Galleons, by P.J. Searles
10. General Orders Issued by the Naval Governor of Guam