Cover Story: Liberation – Change

Second Series: Volume 3, Number 3

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Table of Contents

1. Liberation Day, Prelude to Freedom, by Paul Carano
2. Guamanians to Vote for President? by Antonio B. Won Pat
3. Report of a Military Reconnaissance of the Island of Guam, by Earl H. Ellis
4. A Geography of Guam Island, by Bruce G. Karolle
5. Learning Useful Life Occupations Through “Career Education”, by Joe Plomaritis
6. The Judicial Branch in Guam, by Joe S. Dizon
7. The First European Visit to Truk, by Francis X. Hezel
8. Magellan’s “Victoria”, by G. Geiyer Anderson
9. Sakau in Towm. Sarawi in Towm, by Thomas B. McGrath
10. In Guam Gardens, by Paul B. Souder