Cover Story: Collection Protection

Second Series: Volume 5, Number 2
Front Cover: Guam scene courtesy of the Guam Visitors Bureau

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Table of Contents

1. Guam D-Day Plus 30 Years, by Wayne Barham
2. William G. Johnston 1880 – 1942, by Rene C. Mahone
3. Taotaomona: A Functional Belief Among the Chamorro People, by George W. Hynd
4. The Historical Register Programs, by David T. Lotz
5. Those Were the Days
6. Spanish Micronesia and the Philippine Exposition of 1887, by Dale S. Miyagi
7. Graphic Impressions of the Islands, by Cora Lee Gillilland
8. MARC Through Public Relations, by Rosita Duenas Tosco
9. A Review of the Literature on Native Medicine in Micronesia with Emphasis on Guam and the Mariana Islands, by Emilie G. Johnston
10. General Orders Issued by the Naval Governor of Guam