Cover Story: University of Guam

Second Series: Volume 7

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Table of Contents

1. The University of Guam, by Rosa Roberto Carter
2. A Tribute to Professor Paul Carano, by Dr. Pedro C. Sanchez, Robert G.P. Cruz, Paul B. Sauder, and Bishop Felixberto C. Flores
3. Those Were the Guam Days of Paul Carano, by Emilie G. Johnston
4. Luckier Than Ben Franklin: Guam’s Schoolboys in 1727, by Larry A. Lawcock
5. The Account of a Discalced Friar’s Stay in the Islands of the Ladrones, translated by Marjorie G. Driver
6.  A Search for Identity, by Laura Sauder
7. The Native Origins of the Neo – Chamorros of the Mariana Islands, by Jane H. Underwood
8. Historic and Cultural Preservation in Micronesia, by Dirk Ballendorf
9. Foreign Ship Contacts with the Islands of Truk, compiled by Francis X. Hezel
10.  Guam’s First Fort: Santa Maria de Guadelupe in Agana, by Sr. Felicia Plaza, MMB
11. Government House – 1941, by George G. McMillin
12. General Orders and Reports Issued by the Naval Governor of Guam: Sixth Installment
13. In Memoriam: Dale S. Miyagi
14. Contributors