Guam Recorder was published by the Micronesian Arear Research Center (MARC) of the University of Guam. The magazine contains items pertaining to Guam and Micronesia.

Cover Story: University of Guam

Second Series: Volume 7

Table of Contents

  1. The University of Guam
    • By Rosa Roberto Carter
  2. A Tribute to Professor Paul Carano
    • By Dr. Pedro C. Sanchez, Robert G.P. Cruz, Paul B. Sauder, and Bishop Felixberto C. Flores
  3. Those Were the Guam Days of Paul Carano
    • By Emilie G. Johnston
  4. Luckier Than Ben Franklin: Guam’s Schoolboys in 1727
    • By Larry A. Lawcock
  5. The Account of a Discalced Friar’s Stay in the Islands of the Ladrones
    • Translated by Marjorie G. Driver
  6. A Search for Identity
    • By Laura Sauder
  7. The Native Origins of the Neo – Chamorros of the Mariana Islands
    • By Jane H. Underwood
  8. Historic and Cultural Preservation in Micronesia
    • By Dirk Ballendorf
  9. Foreign Ship Contacts with the Islands of Truk
    • Compiled by Francis X. Hezel
  10. Guam’s First Fort: Santa Maria de Guadelupe in Agana
    • By Sr. Felicia Plaza, MMB
  11. Government House – 1941
    • By George G. McMillin
  12. General Orders and Reports Issued by the Naval Governor of Guam: Sixth Installment
  13. In Memoriam: Dale S. Miyagi
  14. Contributors