In partnership with the Micronesian Area Research Center, Guampedia is e-publishing the Guam Recorder. The Guam Recorder was a monthly magazine of Guam.

Cover Story: Boston Tea Party

Volume 3, Number 11

Table of Contents

  1. The Boston Tea Party
    • 154 Years Ago
  2. Modern Chinese History
    • And the Rise of the Chinese Republic
  3. The Voyage Around the World
    • By George Anson, Esq.
  4. The Stone Money of Yap
  5. Memoirs of Don Felipe de la Corte’s
    • Eleven Years as Governor of Guam
  6. Sports
    • Guam Baseball League 1926 – 1927
  7. Department of Education Notes
    • Report for December 1926
  8. Tested Recipes and Domestic Science Hints
    • By Mrs. H.A. Nagle
  9. Social Doings in Guam
  10. The First Guam Missionaries
    • Introduction of Ants
  11. William Edwin Safford
    • From Journal of Heredity, October 1926
  12. Life Goes Smoothly in Guam
    • Bishop Museum Man Turns Booster
      • Honolulu Star Bulletin
  13. Marines Embark for China
  14. The Mail Bag
  15. Knocks Without Malice
  16. Oracles from Henry Ford
  17. Orders and Notices
  18. Vital Statistics
  19. The Busiest Officers on the Station
  20. Shipping Notes