In partnership with the Micronesian Area Research Center, Guampedia is e-publishing the Guam Recorder. The Guam Recorder was a monthly magazine of Guam.

Cover Story: Should the Philippine Islands be Granted Independence?

Volume 3, Number 9

Table of Contents

  1. U.S.S. Pittsburgh
    • Guam May Become Pineapple Growing Center
    • Guam Girl Completes Journey around the World
  2. Should The Philippine Islands Be Granted Independence?
    • By Agueda Iglesias
  3. General Neville Inspects Guam Marines
    • Leads at Belleau Wood
  4. Small Hope for Guam to Become Self Supporting
    • By Park Brown
  5. Memoirs of Don Felipe de la Corte’s
    • Eleven Years as Governor of Guam
  6. Planting by Moon and Tide and Superstitions of the Chamorro People
    • Knocks Without Malice
  7. The Annual Roll Call for Red Cross Membership
  8. Social Doings in Guam
  9. Agricultural Notes
    • Thanksgiving Proclamation
  10. Baseball League Starts Season
  11. Department of Education Notes
  12. Tested Recipes and Domestic Science Hints
    • By Mrs. H.A. Nagle
  13. The Mail Bag
    • Bolshevism
  14. Promotion of Medial Officers Who have Served in Guam
  15. More About Guam
    • By Reynolds, Rm1c., USN
  16. The Tribes of the Philippine Islands
  17. Orders and Notices
  18. Taxes Due
    • Vital Statistics
  19. Shipping Notes