Cover Story: Should the Philippine Islands be Granted Independence?

Volume 3, Number 9

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Table of Contents

  1. U.S.S. Pittsburgh
    • Guam may become Pineapple Growing Center
    • Guam Girl completes Journey around the World
  2. Should The Philippine Islands Be Granted Independence? By Agueda Iglesias
  3. General Neville Inspects Guam Marines
    • Leads at Belleau Wood
  4. Small Hope for Guam to Become Self Supporting, by Park Brown
  5. Memoirs of Don Felipe de la Corte’s, Eleven years as Governor of Guam
  6. Planting by Moon and Tide and Superstitions of the Chamorro People
    • Knocks Without Malice
  7. The Annual Roll Call for Red Cross Membership
  8. Social Doings in Guam
  9. Agricultural Notes, by the Guam Agricultural Experiment Station
  10. Thanksgiving Proclamation
  11. Baseball League Starts Season
  12. Department of Education Notes
  13. Tested Recipes and Domestic Science Hints, by Mrs. H.A. Nagle
  14. The Mail Bag
    • Bolshevism
  15. Promotion of Medial Officers Who have Served in Guam
  16. More About Guam, by Reynolds, Rm1c., USN
  17. BOB, by FO Archer, Rm3c, US Navy
  18. The Tribes of the Philippine Islands
  19. Notices
  20. Taxes Due
    • Vital Statistics
  21. Shipping Notes
    • Shipping Schedules
    • Meteorological Observations