Guam Recorder, 1978 was published by the Micronesian Area Research Center (MARC) of the University of Guam. The magazine includes entries written about Guam and Micronesia.

Cover Story: Bonne Chance!

Second Series: Volume 8

Table of Contents

Front cover photo of Malojloj Falls by Richard Calamba

  1. The Name of Pease is Infamous, by Mary Browning.
  2. Commodore Biddle and Mr. Taguchi, by Larry Lawcock.
  3. Heritage: A Letter to My Children, by Paul Souder.
  4. USS Gold Star: Flagship of the Guam Navy, by Capt. Joseph Lademan, Jr., USN (Retired).
  5. Fort Santiago, by Yolanda Delgadillo, MMB, Thomas B. McGrath, SJ, and Felicia Plaza, MMB.
  6. Historic and Cultural Preservation in Micronesia: Legal Bases and Directions, by Thomas F. King.
  7. Ilomaw: The Tough One, by Thomas B McGrath, SJ.
  8. Adelup Point, by the late Agueda I. Johnston.
  9. Philippines: Double Take on Independence, by Dirk A. Ballendorf.
  10. Guam’s Waterfalls, by David Lotz.
  11. Contributors
  12. Moments from the Past