Guam Recorder, 1978 was published by the Micronesian Area Research Center (MARC) of the University of Guam. The magazine includes entries written about Guam and Micronesia.

Cover Story: Bonne Chance!

Second Series: Volume 8

Table of Contents

Front cover photo of Malojloj Falls by Richard Calamba

  1. The Name of Pease is Infamous
    • By Mary Browning
  2. Commodore Biddle and Mr. Taguchi
    • By Larry Lawcock
  3. Heritage: A Letter to My Children
    • By Paul Souder
  4. USS Gold Star: Flagship of the Guam Navy
    • By Capt. Joseph Lademan, Jr., USN (Retired)
  5. Fort Santiago
    • By Yolanda Delgadillo, MMB, Thomas B. McGrath, SJ, and Felicia Plaza, MMB
  6. Historic and Cultural Preservation in Micronesia: Legal Bases and Directions
    • By Thomas F. King
  7. Ilomaw: The Tough One
    • By Thomas B McGrath, SJ
  8. Adelup Point
    • By the late Agueda I. Johnston
  9. Philippines: Double Take on Independence
    • By Dirk A. Ballendorf
  10. Guam’s Waterfalls
    • By David Lotz
  11. Contributors
  12. Moments from the Past