The Guam Recorder is a magazine on Guam and Micronesia. Published by the Micronesian Area Research Center (MARC) of the University of Guam in 1979.

Cover Story: Muchas Gracias!

Second Series: Volume 9

Table of Contents

Front Cover: Whaleman’s sketch of his vessel surrounded by humpback whales in the Pacific. Courtesy of the Kendall Whaling Museum, Sharon, Massachusetts.

  1. American Whaleships in the Mariana Islands
    • By Kenneth R. Martin
  2. Six Pacific Discoveries
    • By Saul H. Riesenberg
  3. In a Wake of Foam and Blood
    • By Francis X. Hezel, SJ
  4. Woman of Wisdom – Felicia E. Plaza, MMB
    • By Marjorie G. Driver
  5. CCM’s Guam Roots and Speculation for the Future
    • By Dirk A. Ballendorf
  6. Rescue at Sea – 1909
    • By James A. McDonough, SJ
  7. The Sport of Cockfighting
    • By Maria Teresa Arrias, MMB
  8. Governor Seaton Schroeder
    • By Thomas B. McGrath, SJ
  9. Federal Land Ownership on Guam
    • By Michael V. Ziehman
  10. Contributors
  11. Some Friends on Truk
    • Photos by Thomas B. McGrath, SJ