Cover Story: Muchas Gracias!

Second Series: Volume 9
Front Cover: Whaleman’s sketch of his vessel surrounded by humpback whales in the Pacific. Courtesy of the Kendall Whaling Museum, Sharon, Massachusetts.

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Table of Contents

1. American Whaleships in the Mariana Islands, by Kenneth R. Martin
2. Six Pacific Discoveries, by Saul H. Riesenberg
3. In a Wake of Foam and Blood, by Francis X. Hezel, SJ
4. Woman of Wisdom – Felicia E. Plaza, MMB, by Marjorie G. Driver
5. CCM’s Guam Roots and Speculation for the Future, by Dirk A. Ballendorf
6. Rescue at Sea – 1909, by James A. McDonough, SJ
7. The Sport of Cockfighting, by Maria Teresa Arrias, MMB
8. Governor Seaton Schroeder, by Thomas B. McGrath, SJ
9. Federal Land Ownership on Guam, by Michael V. Ziehman
10. Contributors
11. Some Friends on Truk, Photos by Thomas B. McGrath, SJ