The Guam Legislature’s Subcommittee on Social, Cultural and Historical Factors Relating to the Political Status of Guam under the direction of Senator Richard Taitano produced a report about Guam’s need for a change in political status in 1974.

The 74 page report was written by attorney Andrew Gayle under the direction of Senator Taitano. It was submitted to the Guam Legislature’s 1973-1974 Political Status Commission.

The report addresses “identifiable Chamorro culture,” the effects of political status on culture, conclusions and recommendations and a selected bibliography. This report was created in preparation for a constitutional convention being planned for Guam.

In the conclusions, Gayle and Taitano state that it is crucial that political status negotiations begin immediately as every year that passes without resolution weakens both the strength and the unique quality of Guam’s culture. They said that all must unite without regard to party affiliation in presenting to Washington a united front determined to make no concessions that would lower the dignity of the people of Guam but to make those demands for the right to self-determination that are the natural inheritance of all men and women.

The issue is too crucial and the timing too critical to permit less than an unselfish joining together of all those of Guam who wish to preserve a unique and valuable culture and lifestyle by obtaining the political status that would protect and preserve it.