Cover story: Ferdinand Magellan

Second Series: Volume 2, Number 1
Cover art by Margaret A. Leach

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Table of Contents

  1. Ferdinand Magellan, by Paul Carano
  2. References to the Latte of the Mariana Islands, by Emilie G. Johnston
  3. Chamorro Names, by Gertrude C. Hornbostel
  4. Notes on the Ancient Culture of Guam Pottery, by E. H. Bryan. Jr.
  5. Legends of Guam, by Mavis Warner Van Peenan
  6. The Myth of Gapan Island Camel Rock, Author Unknown
  7. Dumont D’Urville, Early Visitor to Guam, by Paul Carano
  8. The Queerest Stringed Instrument in the World, by P.J. Searles
  9. Guam’s First Lieutenant Governor, by Patricia Adams
  10. Description of Events in Guam from June 20, 1898 to Date, by Fr. Ildefonso Cabanillas and Fr. Crisogono Ortin
  11. The Treaty of Paris, A Significant Political Document, by Paul Carano
  12. Brief History of the Guam Chamber of Commerce, by Rear Adm. Carlton B. Jones, USN, (RET)
  13. Tungo i Taotao Miyo, by Paul Carano and Marjorie G. Driver
  14. Historical Notes on Leprosy, by Cdr. L.J. Roberts (MC) USN
  15. Palua, Islands of Diversity, by Margaret K. Stumpf
  16. University of Guam Marine Laboratory, by L.G. Eldredge
  17. Filipinos in Guam’s 1970 Elections, by Joe S. Dizon