Magazine on Guam and Micronesia. Published by the Richard F. Taitano Micronesian Area Research Center (MARC), University of Guam, Mangilao, Guam 1972.

Cover story: Ferdinand Magellan

Second Series: Volume 2, Number 1

Table of Contents

Cover art by Margaret A. Leach

  1. Ferdinand Magellan
    • By Paul Carano
  2. References to the Latte of the Mariana Islands
    • By Emilie G. Johnston
  3. Chamorro Names
    • By Gertrude C. Hornbostel
  4. Notes on the Ancient Culture of Guam Pottery
    • By E. H. Bryan. Jr.
  5. Legends of Guam
    • By Mavis Warner Van Peenan
  6. The Myth of Gapan Island Camel Rock
    • Author Unknown
  7. Dumont D’Urville Early Visitor to Guam
    • By Paul Carano
  8. The Queerest Stringed Instrument in the World
    • By P.J. Searles
  9. Guam’s First Lieutenant Governor
    • By Patricia Adams
  10. Description of Events in Guam from June 20, 1898 to Date
    • By Fr. Ildefonso Cabanillas and Fr. Crisogono Ortin
  11. The Treaty of Paris, A Significant Political Document
    • By Paul Carano
  12. Brief History of the Guam Chamber of Commerce
    • By Rear Adm. Carlton B. Jones, USN, (RET)
  13. Tungo i Taotao Miyo
    • By Paul Carano and Marjorie G. Driver
  14. Historical Notes on Leprosy
    • By Cdr. L.J. Roberts (MC) USN
  15. Palua, Islands of Diversity
    • By Margaret K. Stumpf
  16. University of Guam Marine Laboratory
    • By L.G. Eldredge
  17. Filipinos in Guam’s 1970 Elections
    • By Joe S. Dizon