Cover Story: Seventeenth Anniversary

Volume 17, Number 1

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Table of Contents

1. Magellan Day Celebration
2. Spanish Galleons, by Comdr. P.J. Searles, (CEC), U.S.N.
3. Clippering Through, by Margaret Saunders
4. Boys’ and Girls’ Agricultural Blub, by L.T. Siguenza
5. Department of Education Notes
6. Local Sports
7. The Plants of Guam, by E.H. Bryan, Jr.
8. The Deceived Fisherman, by M.T. Charfauros
9. Riding in Guam, by Margaret Jupp
10. Extracts from Catalogue of Earthquakes Felt in Guam, by W.C. Repetti, S.J.
11. Small Pox Epidemic Victims of 1856
12. Achievement Test
13. Daily Naval Historical Data
14. A Kapok tree in Guam, by Magdalena V. Cruz
15. Vital Statistics of Guam
16. Former Editor Writes
17. Book Review, by Sally Rowan Pease
18. Lodge and Church Notices