In partnership with the Micronesian Area Research Center, Guampedia is e-publishing the Guam Recorder. The Guam Recorder was a monthly magazine of Guam.

Cover Story: Seventeenth Anniversary

Volume 17, Number 1

Table of Contents

Cover Agana (Hagåtña) River by Elliott.

  1. Magellan Day Celebration
  2. Spanish Galleons
    • By Comdr. P.J. Searles, (CEC), U.S.N.
  3. Clippering Through
    • By Margaret Saunders
  4. Boys’ and Girls’ Agricultural Club
    • By L.T. Siguenza
  5. Department of Education Notes
  6. Local Sports
  7. The Plants of Guam
    • By E.H. Bryan, Jr.
  8. The Deceived Fisherman
    • By M.T. Charfauros
  9. Riding in Guam
    • By Margaret Jupp
  10. Extracts from Catalogue of Earthquakes Felt in Guam
    • By W.C. Repetti, S.J.
  11. Small Pox Epidemic Victims of 1856
  12. Achievement Test
  13. Daily Naval Historical Data
  14. Shipping Notes
  15. A Kapok Tree in Guam
    • By Magdalena V. Cruz
  16. Vital Statistics of Guam
  17. Former Editor Writes
  18. Book Review
    • By Sally Rowan Pease
  19. Lodge and Church Notices