Cover Story: Put Guam on the Map

Second Series: Volume 6, Number 1
Front Cover: Sketch of a Flying Proa from Voyage Around the World, by Gemelli Careri, 1719

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Table of Contents

1. The Ancient Chamorros, by Paul Carano
2. Footprints on the Sands of Time: Judge Ignacio V. Benavente, by Felicia Plaza, MMB
3. Concrete Construction in Guam, by George R. Brooks
4. Guam’s Birth, by Lawrence J. Cunningham
5. Those Were the Days
6. Historical Integrity and Local Significance in the Pacific Island Context, by Russell A. Apple and Jerry L. Rogers
7. A Geography of Micronesian Copra, by Bruce G. Karolle
8. Indications of Continued Development: Social Rank Changes in the Election Districts of Guam, by Jerry W. Wicks
9. General Orders and Reports of the Governors of Guam