Art, Architecture and Music

Band Ensembles
Chamorro Music
Changes in Construction Styles
Naval Era Gallery
Pole and Thatched Homes
Wood and Tin Houses


Agueda Iglesias Johnston
Ambrosio Torres Shimizu
Atanasio Taitano Perez
Bishop Francisco Javier Vilá
Bishop Miguel Angel Urteaga Olano
Captain Adalbert Zuckschwerdt
Captain Henry Glass
Chester Carl Butler
Dr. Ramon Manalisay Sablan
Earl Hancock “Pete” Ellis
Eduardo “Jake” Calvo
Emil Bischoff, SMS Cormoran
Ernest Max Adolph, SMS Cormoran
Father Jesus Baza Duenas
Father Marcian Pellet
Father Roman de Vera
Francisco B. Leon Guerrero
Francisco Garrido Franquez
Frank Duenas Perez
Gertrude Costenoble Hornbostel
Governor Joseph Flores
Governor William John Maxwell
Governor Willis Winter Bradley
Ignacia Bordallo Butler
Joaquin “Ding” Palomo
Jose Gumabon, Sr.
Josef Martinez Ada
Laura Thompson
Maria Arceo Ulloa
Maria Palomo Ada
Nieves Mariano Flores
Padre Jose Bernardo Palomo
Pedro Pangelinan Martinez
William Safford

Government and Economic Systems

American-Style Colonialism
Civil Rights and US Citizenship (1898-1950)
Early American Economic History
Early American Period has Profound Implications
Guam and Its Three Empires
Guam Hymn / Fanohge Chamorro
Guam Leaders from 1899-1904
Guam’s Early American Historical Overview
Guam’s Political Status
History of Democracy on Guam
Institute of Ethnic Affairs
Låncho: Ranch
Land Ownership on Guam
Naval Executive Orders
Partition of the Marianas
Port of Guam
Resettlement Patterns Under American Rule
US Naval Era Governors: Contributions and Controversies
US Naval Era: Development of the Code of Guam
US Naval Era: Island Court System
US Naval Era: Judges and Island Attorneys

Health and Medicine

Guam Pattera (Nurse Midwives)
Leprosy – Hospitals and Colonies
Leprosy – Insular Patrol
Leprosy – Local Reaction
School for Nurses
US Naval Hospital 1899-1941

Language and Education

Education During the US Naval Era
English and Chamorro Language Policies
General Order No. 12
Namesake School: B.P. Carbullido Elementary
Namesake School: L.P. Untalan Middle
Namesake School: P.C. Lujan Elementary
Private Schooling During the US Naval Era
Role of Education in the Preservation of Guam’s Indigenous Language

Migrations of People

Chamorro Migration to the US
Filipinos on Guam

Religion and Cultural Practices

Americans Bring Upheaval in Religious Practices
An Attempted German Mission
Expulsion of the Augustinian Recollects
Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart
Origin of the Chamorro Protestant Congregation on Guam

Transportation, Technology and Communications

Communications and Transportation Advancements
First Pan American Flights
Guam Echo and Guam Eagle
Postal History of Guam
Transpacific Telecommunications

Villages, Places, Organizations and Island Life

American Red Cross, Guam Chapter
Apra Harbor
Baseball: History of the Sport on Guam
Lujan House
Young Men’s League of Guam (YMLG)


Cormoran-Südseefahrer: SMS Cormoran Crew Annual Meetings
Guam’s Role in World War I
Spanish-American War
SMS Cormoran I
SMS Cormoran II
SMS Cormoran II (Overview)
SMS Cormoran II Memorial
SMS Cormoran II: Local Stories
SMS Cormoran II: Non-German Crew Members
SMS Cormoran II: Partial Crew List
SMS Cormoran II: Two Crew Member Profiles
The Journey of SMS Cormoran II
The SMS Cormoran II Crew – Prisoners of War
US Naval Cemetery