General Orders issued by Acting Naval Governor Raymond Stone (16 May 1904 – 2 November 1905). To go back to the list of General Orders click here.

No. 78

16 May 1904

General Order No. 78
The people of Guam are hereby informed that, by virtue of my appointment from the Navy Department of the United States of America, I do this day assume command of this island of Guam and of the United States naval station hereon situated, relieving the acting governor, Lieutenant Raymond Stone, US Navy.


No. 79

19 May 1904

General Order No. 79
It is hereby ordered and decreed:
That any person who shall have been granted a divorce A vinculo matrimonii may remarry, provided that said person may lawfully marry in the place in which said divorce was granted.


No. 80

3 September 1904

General Order No. 80
It is hereby ordered and decreed that:
All children of both sexes, eight years of age and over, and less than twelve years of age, shall attend the Public Schools when in session in the municipal district in which said children are registered, unless they are excused therefrom in accordance with the provisions of this law.

After the eighteenth day of September, one thousand nine hundred and four, the parents, guardians or custodians of the children mentioned in the preceding article shall be fined twenty-five hundredths of a peso for each day in which each child under their charge shall fail to attend the Public Schools, unless he or she be excused therefrom by competent authority, or unless said parents, guardians or custodians prove reasonable cause for non-attendance.

For the purposes of the preceding article, it shall always be considered reasonable cause if the child is in quarantine or if he or she is suffering from such illness as reasonably prevents his or her attendance at school. In order that illness shall be considered, it shall be necessary to prove that the child has received medical attendance or that there are reasonable grounds for not obtaining it.

Whenever the parents or guardians shall elect too send any child under their charge to the Public School of a municipal district other than that in which he or she is registered, they shall notify the School Examiner in writing, and until said written notification shall be revoked by the parents or guardians, it shall be deemed for all the purposes of this law that the child is registered in the district designated.

Attendance at private schools shall be considered as sufficient grounds for not attending the Public Schools, provided said attendance and the instruction in the private schools comply with the regulations which may be issued on that subject.

Children under eight years of age and over twelve years of age may attend the Public Schools, having previously obtained a license therefor from the School Examiner.

The office of School Examiner is created; he shall be appointed by the governor and shall receive such salary as the latter shall establish.

It shall be the duty of the School Examiner to execute the provisions of this law in accordance with the regulations the Governor may prescribe for its execution; to inspect and report upon the public and private schools; to impose and collect fines for infractions of this law; and to excuse children from attendance at the Public Schools.

If any person fails to pay the fine imposed by the School Examiner, the latter shall make complaint against him before the Justice of the Peace of the district in which said person is domiciled. The Justice of the Peace shall institute proceedings in execution (via de apremio) against him, and in cases of insolvency shall order his subsidiary arrest as provided for in Article 609 of the Penal Code in force in this Island.

On the approval of the Governor, the School Examiner may appoint Assistants, to whom he may delegate such of his powers as he may deem expedient, except that of imposing fines. The salary of said Assistants shall be such as the Governor may establish.

All laws or parts of law inconsistent with the provisions herein contained are annulled.


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