Contemporary Guam Politics and Government Entries

Chamorro Registry and the Decolonization Registry
Commission on Decolonization
Commission on Self-Determination
Guam Commonwealth Act
Guam Congressional Representation Act 1972
Guam Constitutional Conventions (ConCon)
Guam Legislature
Guam Military Build Up
History of Efforts to Reunify the Mariana Islands
Interpretive Essay: Chamoru Self-Determination
Land Ownership on Guam
Nasion Chamoru
OPI-R: Organization of People for Indigenous Rights
Organic Act of Guam
PASA Conference
Perspective: Women in Politics
Political Status Commissions
Republican Party of Guam
Role of Education in the Preservation of Guam’s Indigenous Language
Self-Determination for Chamorros and Hawai`ians
UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Update: Land Ownership on Guam
We Are Guåhan

Angel Leon Guerrero Santos
Angel Leon Guerrero Santos, Interpretive Essay
Candelaria Taitano Rios
Cecilia Cruz Bamba
Congressman Vicente “Ben” Garrido Blaz
Elizabeth Perez Arriola
Governor Carl Tommy Cruz Gutierrez
Governor Carlos Camacho
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Governor Felix Perez Camacho
Governor Joseph Franklin Ada
Governor Paul McDonald Calvo
Governor Ricardo Jerome Bordallo
Madeleine Zeien Bordallo
Richard Flores Taitano
Vicente Cabrera Pangelinan