Lourdes Aflague “Lou” Leon Guerrero, (1950 – ) was elected as the first woman governor of Guam in November 2018. Joshua Tenorio was elected to serve as the Lieutenant Governor. They were sworn into office 7 January 2019. Leon Guerrero is the first Pacific Islander woman to serve as governor of a US territory or state.

Born on Guam to Jesus Sablan Leon Guerrero, founder of the Bank of Guam, and Eugenia Calvo Aflague Leon Guerrero, Leon Guerrero is married to Jeff Cook. The couple has two children, Joaquin and Marianas, and six grandchildren. Lou had two brothers, Jesse and Anthony who is deceased.

Leon Guerrero was the President and Chair of the Board of Bank of Guam until her campaign for Governor began in early 2018. She took over the helm of the Bank in 2006 after 10 years as a Senator in the Guam Legislature.

Before her political career, she was a nurse and worked for Guam Memorial Hospital and FHP. As a senator, she was instrumental in moving forward legislation that improved the health delivery services of our island and was an advocate for improving the quality of health for our island people. Her most recent significant law is the passage of the Natasha Act which banned smoking in restaurants and bars.

As President of the Bank of Guam, she led the institution to become a billion dollar financial institution and expanded the network of branches to having a presence in every Micronesia sovereign island states. She graduated from Pacific Coast Banking School, a master-level graduate program for bankers.

Leon Guerrero served as the Guampedia Board Chair since Guampedia was established in 2009. She was also active in the formation of the first Guam Women’s Chamber of Commerce serving as its first President.