WWII-Japanese Era Photo Gallery

Wartime on Guam

From Occupation to Liberation: An Overview
Guam an Obstacle to Japan’s Ocean Empire
Rising Sun Dawns on Guam
45 Chamorros Caught in Wake Invasion
Japanese Occupation of Guam
American Prisoners of War sent to Japan
Japanese Military Administration of Guam
Impact of Japanese Military Occupation of Guam
Låncho: Ranch
Land Ownership on Guam
Health Services During WWII
Role of Education in the Preservation of Guam’s Indigenous Language
Religious Life during the Japanese Occupation
War Atrocities: Fena Massacre
War Atrocities: Manenggon Concentration Camp
War Atrocities: Tinta and Faha Cave Massacres
Other War Atrocities
US Navy War Crimes Trials on Guam
Guam Combat Patrol Hunted Japanese Stragglers
Japanese Stragglers on Guam
Guam War Claims: A Legislative History


Agueda Iglesias Johnston
Beatrice Perez Emsley
Dr. Ramon Manalisay Sablan
Father Jesus Baza Duenas
George Tweed
Ignacia Bordallo Butler
Monsignor Oscar Calvo
Robert O’Brien: US Prisoner of War
Sgt. Shoichi Yokoi, Last Straggler on Guam
Oral War Histories of the Chamorro People