WWII-Japanese Era Photo Gallery

Wartime on Guam

From Occupation to Liberation: An Overview
Guam an Obstacle to Japan’s Ocean Empire
Rising Sun Dawns on Guam
45 Chamorros Caught in Wake Invasion
Robert O’Brien: US Prisoner of War
Japanese Occupation of Guam
American Prisoners of War sent to Japan
Japanese Military Administration of Guam
Impact of Japanese Military Occupation of Guam
Låncho: Ranch
Land Ownership on Guam
Health Services During WWII
Role of Education in the Preservation of Guam’s Indigenous Language
Religious Life during the Japanese Occupation
War Atrocities: Fena Massacre
War Atrocities: Manenggon Concentration Camp
War Atrocities: Tinta and Faha Cave Massacres
Other War Atrocities
US Navy War Crimes Trials on Guam
Guam Combat Patrol Hunted Japanese Stragglers
Japanese Stragglers on Guam
Guam War Claims: A Legislative History


Agueda Iglesias Johnston
Beatrice Perez Emsley
Dr. Ramon Manalisay Sablan
Father Jesus Baza Duenas
George Tweed
Ignacia Bordallo Butler
Monsignor Oscar Calvo
Robert O’Brien: US Prisoner of War
Sgt. Shoichi Yokoi, Last Straggler on Guam
Oral War Histories of the Chamorro People