US Naval Era Politics and Government Entries

American-Style Colonialism
Chamorros: A People Divided
Civil Rights and US Citizenship (1898-1950)
Early American Period has Profound Implications
English and Chamorro Language Policies
Guam Echo and Guam Eagle
Guam Hymn / Fanohge Chamorro
Guam Leaders from 1899-1904
Guam’s Early American Historical Overview
Institute of Ethnic Affairs
Naval Era Governors of Guam
Naval Executive Orders
Partition of the Marianas
Role of Education in the Preservation of Guam’s Indigenous Language
Spanish-American War
US Naval Era Governors: Contributions and Controversies

Captain Henry Glass
Earl Hancock “Pete” Ellis
Eduardo “Jake” Calvo
Francisco B Leon Guerrero
Governor William John Maxwell
Governor Willis Winter Bradley
Laura Thompson
William Safford