In 2017 Guampedia began partnering with the University of Guam to produce science based entries about Guam by graduate students taking  a course in Scientific Writing in a Masters of Biology and Masters of Environmental Science programs. These Guampedia entries were assigned to provide students with practice in communicating science to non-scientists. The students chose these topics and most of them are related either to their thesis project or work experience. The instructor in the course is Dr. Laurie Raymundo, a UOG Marine Laboratory faculty member.

2017 Entries

  1. Passion for Pugua by Candice Arceo.
  2. Staghorn Corals by James Fifer.
  3. The Octopus: A Genius Among the Spineless by Alisha Gill.
  4. Mangroves: The Forest Between Land and Sea by Mildred Kelokelo.
  5. Badlands in Southern Guam by Lauren Swaddell.
  6. Hima: Conserving a Cultural Heritage by Francisco Villagomez.

2018 Entries

  1. Coral Reefs in Apra Harbor by Karim Primov.
  2. Guam Tree: Håyun Lågu by Gregorio “Goro” Borja III, Jonathan “Kawika” Davis, and Mario Martinez.
  3. Health Consequences of Modern Diets on Guam by Kristi Hammond and Remedios Perez.
  4. Insect Invasion to Guam by Benjamin Deloso, Chieriel Desamito and Kaleb Leon Guerrero.
  5. Islan Dåno’: Cocos Island by Dareon Rios, Cristian “CJ” Cayanan, and Raina Taitingfong.
  6. Kava: A Popular Plant of the Pacific by Christian Potter.
  7. Sharks, Rays, Whales, and Dolphins of Guam by Christy Starsinic, Melissa Gabriel, and Victoria Moscato.
  8. Tourism’s Effect on Guam Reefs by Kelsie Ebeling-Whited.
  9. Watch Where You Breathe: Radon on Guam by Hanna Jugo.

2019 Entries

  1. Guam‘s Amazing Caves by Eliana Cortés Walker.
  2. Guam’s Balate’ by Lourdes Mafnas.
  3. Fungus in Guam’s Forests by Meghan Borja.
  4. Limestone Forests of Guam by Raymond “Gerard” Chargualaf and Monica Salas.
  5. Coral Reefs: Essential Ecosystems on Guam by Andrew McInnis.
  6. Restoring Guam’s Coral Reefs by Justin Berg and Colin Lock