Yu’us Prutehi i Islan Guåhan!

More than 30 years ago historian and education leader Dr. Pedro Sanchez noted that Guåhan’s quest for political self-determination lies in the desire of its people to control the island’s (and their own) future. Similar to the practice of navigation, the people of Guåhan must plan their efforts and decide upon their destination. In doing so they must draw upon their history, culture, language, knowledge, and experiences, as well as those of other Indigenous peoples, to chart a course forward, towards envisioning and enacting their collective future. 

Any future effort toward self-determination might include reframing what the future could entail. As CHamoru scholar activists Dr. Tiara Na’puti and Dr. Sylvia Frain have asserted, Indigenous struggles for self-determination often take many forms and manifest themselves in a myriad of ways. CHamoru anthropologist Dr. Therese Arriola from Saipan suggests focusing on Indigenous resurgence in our community as providing a legacy for future generations and to help them find and assert their place in the world.

Although our island (and our canoe) can seem to be stagnant at times, we must believe that we are indeed moving forward. There are places and destinations that we cannot see or have yet to imagine, but if we work together as a community we will ensure the legacy we leave behind gives hope and answers for those yet to come.


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Traditions Affirming Our Seafaring Ancestry
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