Fanohge CHamoru Put I Tano-ta: Charting Our Collective Future, an exhibition about Guam’s historical quest for political self-determination, ran from 28 March to 31 May 2022, at the Guam Museum. The exhibition was a collaborative effort between Dr. Kevin Escudero, a visiting scholar from Brown University, the Guam Museum, the Commission on Decolonization, and Guampedia. Drawing inspiration from the words of the Guam Hymn and the Inifresi, aspects of CHamoru cultural heritage and traditional values, and from artwork by artist Kie Susuico, Fanohge CHamoru highlighted the events and people that actively engaged in the effort to bring greater self-government for the people of Guam. It also encouraged visitors to ponder important questions about Guam’s political status and imagine a future for the island community as a whole.

Fanohge CHamoru Put I Tano-ta was made possible through a grant from the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) and funding from the Guam Commission on Decolonization.