Recited at public school

The Inifresi is usually recited during festivities/celebrations after the Guam Hymn (Fanohge Chamorro) and the Pledge of Allegiance. Inifresi was written by Bernadita Camacho Dungca, PhD. The curriculum of Chamorro Language Mandate Public Law 21-34 states that students in the first grade should be able to recite this pledge:

Ginen i mas takhelo’ gi Hinasso-ku,
i mas takhalom gi Kurason-hu,
yan i mas figo’ na Nina’siñå-hu,
Hu ufresen maisa yu’ para bai hu Prutehi
yan hu Difende i Hinengge,
i Kottura,
i Lengguahi,
i Aire,
i Hanom yan i tano’ Chamoru,
ni’Irensiå-ku Direchu ginen as Yu’os Tåta.
Este hu Afitma gi hilo’ i bipblia yan i banderå-hu,
i banderan Guåhan.

Translated in English: Guam Pledge

From the highest of my thoughts,
from the deepest of my heart,
and with the utmost of my strength,
I offer myself to protect
and to defend the beliefs,
the culture,
the language,
the air,
the water and the land of the Chamorro,
which are our inherent God-given rights.
This I will affirm by the holy words and our banner,
the flag of Guåhan!

Resolution 98-28