Marie Ada Auyong is delighted to write for Guampedia, as her research has paved the way for her to re-connect with the island. She moved to Guåhan from New York, where she completed her MA in International Educational Development at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Prior to her move to Guam, she worked in Los Angeles on community justice issues, first implementing a volunteer program as an Americorps VISTA and then taught HIV/AIDS prevention at the Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team.

All of her jobs and volunteering, however, have allowed her to pursue a wide variety of duties and hobbies, including starting a progressive issues radio show on KPFK-Los Angeles, reading comic books, lobbying state legislatures, walking for political campaigns, riding bikes, and, since she moved to an island, paddling outrigger canoes and scuba diving.

Guampedia entries by Marie Ada Auyong