Marjorie Cushing Falanruw has experienced three careers thus far. As the daughter of Captain Mars and the Sky Lady (alias Frank H. Cushing and Marjorie. Bailey Cushing), Falanruw’s first career, from an early age, was as a circus performer: on the tight wire, trampoline, horseback, trapeze and motorcycle.

Falanruw attended the universities of California and the South Pacific, and for some years entered academia, teaching biology and environmental science at the University of Guam. From there, she moved to a further frontier, her husband’s island of Yap. Falanruw has worked throughout Micronesia with Forestry. On Yap, she runs the Yap Institute of Natural Science in a third career relating to sustaining healthy island ecosystems. Occasionally though she still walks a tight wire over her taro patch.

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