K Marsh

Kelly G. Marsh has long participated in local cultural and historical efforts. She earned a BA in history and anthropology and an MA in Micronesian studies from the University of Guam. She recently completed her doctorate work in cultural heritage studies in the School of Environmental Sciences at Charles Sturt University, Australia. Marsh was the former vice-chair for the Guam Historic Preservation Review Board and has worked as a History of Guam instructor at the University of Guam and at the high school level. She has also authored the Guam Year-in-Review for The Contemporary Pacific: A Journal of Island Affairs for several years.

Guampedia Entries By Kelly Marsh
Division of Labor by Age, Class, Gender
Maga’håga: Highest Ranking Daughter
Maga’låhi: Highest Ranking Son
Poksai: Informal Adoption
Saina: Elders
Saina: Gender Roles
US Naval Era Governors: Contributions and Controversies

Guampedia Entries Co-authored by Kelly Marsh
Chenchule’: Social Reciprocity
Fouha Bay: Cradle of Creation
Guma’ Uritao