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  1. American-Style Colonialism
  2. Angel LG Santos
  3. Chamoru Self-Determination
  4. CHamorus Yearn for Freedom
  5. Contents of a Latte Village
  6. Early American Period has Profound Implications
  7. Envisioning the Past: Near Extinction
  8. Evolution of the Tourism Industry on Guam
  9. Folktale: Puntan and Fu’una: Gods of Creation
  10. Guam and Its Three Empires
  11. Guam Women in Art
  12. Guam’s Political Development
  13. Guam’s Political Status
  14. Guam’s Strategic Value
  15. History of Democracy on Guam
  16. Inafa’maolek: Striving for Harmony
  17. On The Question of Tattoo by Ancestral CHamorus
  18. Origin of Guam’s Indigenous People
  19. Partition of the Marianas
  20. Proa and Navigation
  21. Rediscovering Fo’na and Pontan
  22. SMS Cormoran II: Local Stories
  23. Spanish Response to CHamoru Depopulation
  24. Transmission of Christianity into CHamoru Culture
  25. Women and Religion in CHamoru Society
  26. Women in Guam History: A Critical Reflection
  27. Women in Politics
  28. Women of Inspiration in Guam History