Connecting past to present and future

Guampedia’s Lesson Plans help teachers make our island’s history and culture come alive in the classroom. All the lesson plans are free and contain links to additional online resources.

The initial Guampedia Lesson Plan Project was developed in partnership with local educators to incorporate Guam’s rich history and culture into our island’s many, diverse classroom settings. By working together, we can help students connect Guam’s past to its future.

The Guampedia Lesson Plan Project was funded by a grant from the Guam Preservation Trust. The Earth Science lesson plans are funded by a Sea Grant at the University of Guam.

The plans utilize the extensive, in-depth information available on Guampedia to incorporate Guam history and culture into numerous different subjects. Lesson plans are available for all age levels – from elementary school through high school – and include additional activities to accommodate diverse settings and skill-levels.

New lesson plans continue to be added to the collection; a series of Earth Science lesson plans on the effects of bio-degradable and non-biodegradable waste on our island’s environment are under development now, with the first few included here. Local educators are also encouraged to submit their own lesson plans for inclusion in the database, and to provide feedback on the current collection of lesson plans.

All Guampedia Lesson Plans and Study Guides

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Lesson Plans by


  1. Elementary
  2. Middle School
  3. High School
  4. University/College
    1. Historical and Cultural Heritage Sites Film Project
    2. Ekungok i Estoriå-ta (Listen to our Stories)


  1. Art
  2. Biology
    1. S-Curves and Snakes
  3. CHamoru
  4. English
    1. Compassion and Solidarity
    2. Our Chants
    3. Re-imagining History 1
    4. Re-imagining History 2
    5. Re-imagining History 3
  5. Environmental Science
    1. Geography of Micronesia
    2. S-Curves and Snakes
  6. Games
  7. History
  8. Home Activity
    1. Cooking Roulette
  9. Language Arts
  10. Math
    1. Vegetables and Fruits
  11. Music
  12. Oral History
  13. Physical Education
    1. S-Curves and Snakes
    2. Vegetables and Fruits
  14. Physics
    1. Physics of a Slingstone
  15. Religion
  16. Science
  17. Social Studies
  18. Technology
    1. Compassion and Solidarity
  19. Writing
    1. Breadfruit & Open Spaces Writing

Special Projects

Culturally Sustaining Education

  1. Breadfruit & Open Spaces Writing
  2. Classifying Animals
  3. Compassion and Solidarity
  4. Culture and Me
  5. Diving With Sirena
  6. Gender Roles
  7. Geography of Micronesia
  8. I Am Different
  9. Let’s Talk Story
  10. Oh, Where Can I Be?
  11. Our Place In The World
  12. Personal Narrative Essay
  13. Understanding Culture
  14. Vegetables and Fruits
  15. What Does Migration Mean?

Guam’s Quest for Self-Determination Study Guides

  1. Early Civil Rights and Non-US Citizenship (1898-1944)
  2. Post War Reconstruction and Guam Congress Walkout
  3. Organic Act of Guam (1950)
  4. Guamanian Era (1960s – 1970s)
  5. Contemporary Era (1980s – Present)
  6. CHamoru Efforts

Hasso’: Remembering Guam’s Ancient Heritage Sites

  1. Lesson Plan: Historical and Cultural Heritage Sites Film Project, Sumay
  2. Lesson Plan: Historical and Cultural Heritage Sites Film Project, Ritidian
  3. Lesson Plan: Historical and Cultural Heritage Sites Film Project

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