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D Shuster

Donald R. Shuster earned a doctorate from the University of Hawai’i in education and Pacific history in 1982. He also holds an MS in biological sciences and a BA in philosophy from Michigan State University awarded in 1969 and 1962, respectively.

He is a professor with the University of Guam Richard F. Taitano Micronesian Area Research Center (MARC).

Shuster has written, edited and published numerous articles on Guam and the Republic of Palau. Politics and leadership issues in Micronesia are his area of specialty. Shuster co-edited Leadership in the Pacific Islands: Tradition and the Future (1998), wrote the first research-based biography of a Pacific island leader, Roman Tmetuchl: A Palauan Visionary (2002), and is now completing Baseball in Palau: Passion for the Game 1925-2007, which will be published in mid-2008. He publishes regularly in the political review section of The Contemporary Pacific: Journal of Island Affairs. Earlier this year Pacific Studies published his article, “Election on Guam, 1970-2002.” Since 2000, Shuster has provided technical assistance to the BentProp Project ( of California in its annual search for missing World War II airmen in Palau.

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