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Practicing our CHamoru


Language Arts, CHamoru


Elementary, 4-5
Middle School, 6-8
High School, 9-12

Time required

20 minutes

Materials required

  • Card-stock (optional)
  • Crayons and colored pencils (optional)

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Lesson Plan


In this activity, students will play practice their vocabulary words (ideally nouns) by playing a modified version of bingo.


  • Students will practice their vocabulary words by using them in a game.
  • Students will better learn their vocabulary words by identifying them with an image rather than an English translation. By doing so, they’ll be applying a word into a different (visual) context, and thus expanding their application of the term.

Questions or Assessment

  • Did students find it difficult to match a spoken CHamoru word with an image rather than its English translation?
  • Did this process become easier over time?


Teacher prep
[Optional] Cut cardstock into bingo-sized cards (roughly half the size of a normal sheet of paper)

Creating Bingo Cards (10 minutes)

  1. Ask students to draw out a 5×5 square grid onto a piece of notebook paper.
    • Optional: use cardstock, which is more permanent, so that students can collect their cards over the course of the term and use them in studying for exams.
  2. Once the grid is complete, read aloud the English translation of one of the CHamoru vocabulary words. Have students draw the word onto a square of their choosing.
    • It may be best to play this game with nouns, particularly with younger students. If students are older, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs may be included as well; just explain to students that they are to draw the word in a manner that best represents the term to themselves. There are no right or wrong answers as long as they understand it.
  3. Repeat step 2 until the entire grid is filled-in with a vocabulary word.

Playing Vocab Bingo (10 minutes)

  1. Call out one of the vocabulary words in CHamoru
    • Alternatively, write each word onto a piece of paper, fold it, then pull it out of a hat.
  2. When a word is called, students must identify the corresponding picture on their card and mark it with an X.
    • Alternatively, if cardstock is used, then students may use small pieces of paper as “chips” and place them accordingly.
  3. Repeat until a student “wins” by connecting 5 grid spaces in a row (either across, diagonally, and up and down).
    • If a student wins very early on, thus ending the game too quickly, feel free to continue playing for second and third place.

Recap (1 minute)
Recap what we’ve done and learned in the lesson and unit:

“Today we’ve practiced our vocabulary words by playing bingo. But rather than match the word with its English translations, we matched it with an image instead. In this way we practiced applying the word in a different context.”

Ask students for their favorite parts of the activity.