L Camacho

A graduate of John F. Kennedy High School, Attorney Leevin Camacho earned a Bachelor’s degree in English literature at the University of Washington in Seattle and received his law degree from Boston University. Committed to public service, Camacho worked at the Honolulu public defender’s office, followed by a year in a “legal clinic” providing legal assistance to low-income people in Boston. After graduating from Boston University Camacho began his career as a law clerk at the Supreme Court of Guam. He gained five years of experience handling all kinds of litigation including divorces, custody disputes, civil lawsuits and criminal prosecutions. He also has experience with guardianships, probate, wills and estate planning. His law office is located in Hagåtña.

Camacho is a vocal advocate for the preservation of Guam lands, environment, and Chamorro language and culture. He was successful in assisting Guam activist group We Are Guåhan and the Guam Preservation Trust in their lawsuit against the United States Department of Defense over the proposed buildup and the use of the ancient village site of Pågat as a location for live round training by the US military.

Guampedia entry co-authored by Leevin Camacho