J Aguon

Julian Aguon is a hybrid attorney-author-activist whose work centers around international law, specifically human and indigenous rights. He is the author of several collections of political essays focusing on people struggles in Guam and the wider Micronesian region around issues of colonization, neocolonialism, and militarism, and several law articles in US law reviews and journals on the legal nuances and complexities surrounding the international law on the self-determination of peoples and its present-day invocation and application. Licensed to practice law in Guam, the Republic of Palau, and the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Julian runs a boutique regional law firm from which he provides legal counsel to these and other Pacific peoples and governments on a range of international legal issues. Julian lectures widely on human rights law and policy at numerous academic and civic institutions including, among others, Yale Law School, UCLA School of Law, Brown University, and the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy.  The New York-based Petra Foundation chose Julian as a Petra Fellow in 2011, naming him a “human rights hero” in recognition of his work in Micronesia.

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