J Salas

John Camacho Salas (1948 – 2018) earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial education from Colorado State College in 1969. He was awarded a master of arts degree in vocational education and a PhD in technical and industrial education from the University of Connecticut in 1974. He was a 1965 graduate of Father Duenas High School, Guam.

He was the son of Juan Chargualaf Salas and Orfa Crisostomo Camacho Salas.

Salas served as the deputy director of education for the Guam Department of Education, was the founding president of Guam Community College in 1977, and was the seventh president of the University of Guam in 1994. He is currently a tenured professor of International Tourism and Hospitality Management at the University of Guam, School of Business and Public Administration.

He served on various boards and commissions of the Government of Guam, Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands Trusteeship, Republic of Palau Government and Federated States of Micronesia. He has also served twelve years in private enterprise as vice president of human resources for Duty Free Shoppers Limited Partnership, Micronesia Division, Sorenson Broadcasting as a talk-show host, and executive director of the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association. Salas was also a senator in the Guam Legislature.

He was married to Leslie Goodson Salas and has two children, Jason Arthur Salas and Stacy Lynne Salas.

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