Art, Architecture and Music

Chamorro Music
Post War Era Gallery
Quonset Huts
Wood and Tin Houses


Bishop Apollinaris William Baumgartner
Bishop Miguel Angel Urteaga Olano
Carlos Pangelinan Taitano
Concepcion Cruz Barrett
Earl Edward Kloppenburg
Eduardo “Jake” Calvo
Father Marcian Pellet
Francisco B. Leon Guerrero
Frank Duenas Perez
Governor Henry Larsen
Governor Joseph Flores
Ignacia Bordallo Butler
Josef Martinez Ada
Louie Gombar
Maria Palomo Ada
Pedro Martinez Ada

Government and Economic Systems

Civil Rights and US Citizenship (1898-1950)
Guam and Its Three Empires
Guam Congress Walkout
Guam’s Political Status
History of Democracy on Guam
Låncho: Ranch
Land Ownership on Guam
National Attention on Guam’s Postwar Campaign for Citizenship
Organic Act of Guam
Port of Guam
Resettlement Patterns Under American Rule
Security Clearance on Guam
US Navy War Crimes Trials on Guam

Health and Medicine

Health Services
Lytico-Bodig on Guam
Medical and Dental Practitioners
Nursing Schools: 1945-1952

Language and Education

Education After WWII
English and Chamorro Language Policies
Role of Education in the Preservation of Guam’s Indigenous Language

Migrations of People

Carolinians on Guam
Filipino Migration to Guam 1945 – 1975
Filipinos on Guam

Religion and Cultural Practices

Episcopal Church
Faith Presbyterian Christian Reformed Church
Franciscan Sisters
Jehovah’s Witnesses
Seventh-day Adventists
Sisters of Mercy

Transportation, Technology and Communications

Communications and Transportation Advancements
Guam Echo and Guam Eagle
Transpacific Telecommunications

Villages, Places, Organizations and Island Life

Baseball: History of the Sport on Guam
Baseball: Youth League
Brown Treesnake
Inarajan (Inalahan)