Since 2008, has been recognized as a valuable community resource for and about the Mariana Islands. With a small managing team and a network of scholars and community partners, we serve a diverse audience of visitors from Guam and around the world who are interested in learning about our islands, our history and our people. Over the years we have continually developed new content to add to our collection of entries on a wide range of topics on Guam/Marianas history, environment, society, arts and culture. Our educational mission compels us to seek opportunities to engage with our audiences and ensure that we meet needs and expectations of the people who use our content

For some time now, more than half of the monthly visitors each month to our site are from places outside of the Marianas, especially in the US. US Census data reveal that more CHamorus live in the continental US and Hawai’i than in the entire Marianas archipelago. Based on the web pages they visit within our site and comments we receive, we believe that these visitors are mostly CHamorus living abroad. We would like to learn more about these visitors and believe that many of them are possibly looking for opportunities for a greater connection to the Marianas homeland and to learn more about their culture.

In collaboration with Jay Castro in California and Joanna Duenas in Colorado, we have developed this CHamoru Migration Survey 2020 to gather qualitative and quantitative data about the CHamoru diaspora. We want to reach out to as many CHamorus living off-island to complete the survey and share with us their experiences of movement, their sense of identity, their motivations, and their connection to the Marianas. We hope to use this information to develop content, outreach programs and additional resources that meet the needs and expectations of CHamorus abroad and that are relevant to CHamorus wherever they call home.

Your responses to this survey will be used only for educational and research purposes as they relate to the development of our content, our funding efforts and for sustaining Guampedia. Your identity will remain anonymous and none of your data will be shared with other entities without your expressed permission. We would like to continue engaging with you and hope you are open to additional outreach for provide more context and help our understanding of your life stories and responses.

You can email us at [email protected].

Si Yu’us ma’åse’ for your time and contributions.

Rita Nauta, Jay Castro, and Joanna Dueñas

Take the CHamoru Migration Survey 2021.