Artemia Perez graduated from the University of Guam pursuing a BA in Anthropology with minors in Sociology and CHamoru Studies. She joined Guampedia’s team as an Administrative and Research Assistant starting in November 2018. Deepening her understanding of CHamoru culture started as and continues to be a personal endeavor. She aspires to instill this same sense of curiosity in all of Guampedia’s users.

Prior to working with Guampedia, Perez did volunteer work with the Guam Preservation Trust helping to see various projects through, including an excavation project in Humåtak. She is also currently involved in the University of Guam’s Mañe’lon Marianas student organization, whose goal is to perpetuate CHamoru culture. Her work for these organizations focused on cultural preservation, documentation, and helping to generate interest in the learning of CHamoru culture and history.